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Programming: Txt Corrector

Text Corrector (Corel VBA)

    Text Corrector (Corel VBA)

    Developed in VB6, VBA, stricly folowing document’s workflow in typical newspaper company.

    TX is integrated part of big picture, document workflow engine in “Narodne novine”, newspaper company.

    After instalation TX is fully integrated in Corel Draw (versions 9-13), adding some unique abilities for Serbian language. Part developed in VB6 add basic but very effective hyphenation to Corel and other part is series of script (in line counts this is about 20.000 lines) written in VBA with usage of some custom made OCX control (VB6 again)

    Newspaper with hyphenation module have increased readability and better text forming. Pictures say much more than words.

    WITH hyphenation module!

    WITHOUT hyphenation module!

    Here is few pictures of TX, and few dialogs. View and look is old fashion, strictly for USAGE and COMFORT… not fancy animated dialogs for this product…but WE can make them if you like .

    Dialogs are on Serbian because of unique usage of this product.

    TX have almost all tools and semiautomated scripts for assist page developers.

    TX is also responsible for automated archiving and job to operator delivery. TX deliver page parts selected in EDITORIAL part and assist in page sharing.

    TX increase productivity in newspaper, and leave more time for practical work because all repetitive jobs are automated in unique way, not just by remembering repetitive process but with intelligent choosing of next workflow step by document type and content.

    Sound too nice? For example: IF document is text and IF table (sport table?) is detected in content THEN offer to cut table and stylish it… and there is magic and most valuable things… productivity and more free time for practical tasks.

    The products names, company names and other widely known trade marks mention in this text is property of their or other respective owners.

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